2045 inMotion is a process to create a long-range transportation plan for the Anderson Metropolitan Planning Area.

Transportation touches all aspects of our communities—economic development, quality of life, social equity, public health, ecological sustainability, and so on. It is important to have a long-term blueprint, so the future of transportation is not left to chance.

The Madison County Council of Governments (MCCOG) has begun an ambitious process to create a long-range transportation plan for the Anderson Metropolitan Planning Area. This plan will act as a guide for the future of transportation facilities and how they function as an integrated metropolitan transportation system. Additionally, 2045 inMotion will consider and plan for transportation factors that support the economic vitality of the metropolitan area.

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The Process

The process is expected to be completed by June 2020.

Who is involved?

Everyone! 2045 inMotion is a community process that entails an extended community conversation that intentionally engages all stakeholders—residents/citizens, students, neighborhoods, businesses, non-profits, and institutions. Soliciting everyone’s input is critical to the plan and specific groups each play a role in the process.

Stakeholder Committee

Leadership, ongoing advocacy


Targeted input and special perspectives


Project management, logistics, local knowledge

Consultant Team

Facilitation and technical expertise


General input and feedback

Elected Officials

Monitoring and adoption

Why should you participate?

2045 inMotion events will be informative and fun and allow members of the community to share ideas.

This is a unique opportunity. This is a major opportunity to positively impact our region—an opportunity to grow, move, progress and evolve into our community’s vision for the future.

We need your insight. You hold a unique viewpoint within the Anderson Metropolitan Planning Area. Your knowledge, your interests in the future, and your willingness to help are needed to ensure the plan represents the authentic voice of the public.

Let’s think ahead. Long-term thinking is critical to creating a vision for transportation that will develop into future positive outcomes for our region.

This is about you and your community. You should provide your perspective. In doing so, you are playing an important role in shaping the goals and objectives of community infrastructure improvements for the years to come.