A Community Summit on our Regions Future

Destination 2045 was held on March 4th to:

  • Share the highlights from the initial round of conversations

  • Inspire new ideas from a national thought-leader

  • Test the plan direction

  • Build out key elements like our investment strategy and ideal development scenarios

Keynote Speaker Gabe Klein

More About our Keynote Speaker

Gabe is an entrepreneur, investor, and author of Start-Up City: Inspiring Private and Public Entrepreneurship, Getting Projects Done, and Having Fun. He is an expert on urban design, transportation, and how technology can improve mobility for people.

Watch Gabe's Tedx Talk Check out Gabe's Book

One, BIG, Night!

2045 inMotion is a community-led process to develop our region’s next Metropolitan Transportation Plan. This plan will help determine how we invest in our future transportation system (a potential investment of more than $100 million!). Together, let’s take the next step! Join your neighbors and friends at Destination 2045, as we continue the discussion and make BIG decisions about our future of our region.
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