Destination 2045 Survey

Thank you for your interest in contributing your ideas to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)!

The following survey is identical to the questions that were asked at our last planning process engagement event, Destination 2045, and will help us continue to guide the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, create projects, programs, and action items to improve mobility in the region, and prioritize implementation.

If you’d like to listen to Destination 2045 and view the slides from the presentation, you can navigate to the Video Gallery Page under the resources tab at the top of the website.

Please fill out as much as you’d like from the survey below. Thank you again!

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Destination 2045 Survey

Tell us about Yourself

Did you attend Destination 2045?

First, lets talk about your community

How do you get where you're going?
1. What type of community do you live in today?
2. Does the area around your house have sidewalks?
3. How often do you walk or bike?
4. Aside from weather, what would encourage you to walk more? (Please select your top 2 choices)
5. What would encourage you to take transit more?
6. How do you usually get to work or school?
7. Usually, how long is your daily commute to work or school? (one way)

Now, let's talk about our region

1 - not concerned 5 - extremely concerned
9. What makes a strong quality of place? (Please select your top 3 choices)

Investing in our region

10. What types of initiatives would you support to reduce emissions? (Please select your top 3 choices)
11. With 100 million dollars, which of the following would you invest in our transportation system? (Please select your top 3 choices)