Destination 2045 Video Gallery

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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Destination 2045

President John Pistole from Anderson State University welcomes you to the event.

Learn about the process

Kyle May discusses the importance of the event, what participants have to look forward to, and what has been discovered so far in the 2045 inMotion process.

Where our region is today

Ryan Phelps walks you through the study area, current trends, and initial findings that influence transportation in the region.

Gabe Klein, Keynote Presentation

Transit: Past and Present

Learn a little bit about Gabe and have him illustrate why looking at the past is important when determining how we should plan for the future.

Current Best Practices

Discover transit trends today and visual examples of transformations and innovations that other cities have implemented.

Looking Ahead

How do we take this abundance of information and move forward? Listen to Gabe discuss his thoughts surrounding the benefits and value of investing in transit, and how we can begin to make changes now in order to create a sustainable and improved mobility system.

Debrief and Next Steps

Testing Ideas

Listen in as Kyle discusses how participant input will be used to reach consensus on certain key plan elements.

Thank you!

Closing out the event, Lisa Floyd and Sherry Peak-Davis, co-chairs of the stakeholder committee, discuss next steps and appreciation for your participation in the planning process.

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